Empowering The Youth Through Education

The Akademos Journey!

As young migrants, we feel a moral and social obligation to help talented yet disadvantaged students in communities like that in Quetta, a besieged community where the lives of its inhabitants have been marred by terrorism, extremism and ignorance.

Where the violence has cost the community in lives and money, it has also greatly hindered the education and development of its youth. Students have been targeted, and many have been forced to discontinue their education.

In response to such dire circumstances, in 2013-14, we at the Akademos, fostered a partnership with the K.B. Science College in Hazara Town to facilitate the education of deserving but disadvantaged students of the community.

In our inaugural year, we provided twelve talented students with full scholarship for the duration of their secondary education. We have since continued to award Akademos Scholarships each year.

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