About Us

Akademos Society is a registered charity organisation based in Australia. Our objective is to enable disadvantaged students to realise their full academic potential through provision of financial grants, scholarships, academic assistance, and other educational and learning opportunities.

At Akademos, we believe, educating the youth is one of the most effective ways of providing a sustainable and prosperous future for the community.

The Akademos Society believes that the economic and social challenges facing a community are directly related to the quality of educational activities conducted. The ratio of professional, technical and devoted educators to the illiterate are likewise related to those challenges.

As such, the panacea to our medium and long term societal issues lie in equipping the youth with a sense of social responsibility and academic curiosity. Akademos, through its scholarships and educational programs, aims to assist students, so they are not left behind.

Why the name ‘Akademos’ ?

Akademos or Academus is believed to be an Attic Hero in Greek Mythology. He is said to have saved the city of Athens from destruction. In his honor, his land was revered by the citizens of Athens and later called Academia. It was here that Plato gave his lectures which linked the land to his Academy, and subsequently to education and knowledge1.

We have chosen the name “Akademos” because it soundly encapsulates our values and aspirations. We firmly believe that education is the way to truly elevate and empower societies and in turn humanity. For this reason, our central objective is the promotion and facilitation of education for disadvantaged members of our community.



[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academus