Akademos Scholars 2020

For the 2020-21 Akademos Scholarship program, Akademos received a total of 44 applications this year – 5 males and 39 females. The scholars were selected through a rigorous interview and assessment process that gave due consideration to both their academic record and compelling circumstances – not just one.

Among them are aspiring engineers, doctors, pilots, and social activists, all of whom hail from working class families in both Marriabad and Hazara Town, Quetta. They are:

Arifa Qambar Ali – Islamia Girls College
Asifa Ali Jan – Girls Degree College
Fariba Hassan Ali – Islamia Girls College
Fariha Shukrullah – Islamia Girls College
Mohammad Mehdi – Tameer-e-Nau Public College
Najeebullah – ZIST College
Nayab Abdul Rahim – Islamia Girls College
Sara Muhammad Ali – KB Colllege
Shamsia Iqbal Ali – Islamia Girls College
Sughra Rajab Ali – Islamia Girls College
UrooJ Fatima – Islamia Girls College
Zahraa Shahwali – FG College

We thank our supporters and donors, and wish the scholars endurance, hard-work and a bright future ahead.

We will add further details about each scholar in the coming weeks.

Arifa Qambar Ali
Intermediate of Computer Science at KB Science College Aspiring Software Engineer, Teacher

“Higher education will help me improve my life and my family’s circumstances. I have been an active student but I have had to take a break from study because of our difficult financial situation. I have been working as a teacher to support myself because my parents are unable to support my education. With the help of this scholarship, I will be able to pursue higher education to help my family and my community, and reach my own goals.”

Fariba Hassan Ali
Pre-Medical student at Islamia Girls College Aspiring doctor, High-achieving student

“I am from a working class family. Getting quality education has been a priority for me and my family. Despite his old age, my father has laboured hard to support and educate me and all my siblings. I aspire to study medicine and become a doctor. I aspire to be able to help the underpriviliged. I am grateful for this scholarship. It will empower me, support my education and enable me to pursue higher education.”

Fariha Shukrullah
Pre-Medical student at Islamia Girls College Aspiring gynecologist, Karate player, High-achieving student

“In spite of his many injuries, my father continues to support my education and that of my siblings. I was the school head-prefect and I actively participated in numerous school and regional events. I aspire to be a gynecologist because there is a severe lack of lady-doctors in the community. The cultural barriers prevent most women from seeking medical assistance as needed. I aspire to be able to help them. This scholarship will enable me to get there.”

Muhammad Mehdi
F.Sc. student at Tameer-e Nau Public College Aspiring Civil Servant, Volunteer teacher, High-achieving student

“I come from a large working-class family. We face financial challenges as well as ongoing medical costs. In the absence of a scholarship I would have had to quit my studies. This scholarship will help me complete my college education. I hope to study Chemistry. I am also a confident public speaker, and I aspire to use my skills and experience to join civil service.”

Najeebullah Abdul Aziz
Pre-Engineering student at ZIST College Boxer, Aspiring businessman

“My father is a coal-miner. In addition to my schooling, I have had to do manual work to support my father and my family. The pandemic has made it even more difficult. This scholarship will help reduce that burden. It will help me complete my college education so that I attain my goals and become a productive member of my community and the society.”

Nayab Abdul Rahim
Pre-Medical student at Islamia Girls College High-achieving student, Aspiring doctor

“I am one among six siblings. The two brothers are the youngest. My father, a truck driver, struggles to provide for all of us and support our education. My eldest sister, a teacher, helps my father look after the family. This scholarship will help reduce that burden. I aspire to become a doctor so that I can serve my community and country, and make my parents proud.”

Sara Muhammad Ali
Pre-Medical student at KB Science College High-achieving student, Tutor, Aspiring doctor

“I have aspired to be a doctor since a young age. I know that this path can be very challenging and demanding but I also know that the satisfaction and fulfilment will be very rewarding. We have overcome many challenges since my father’s passing. My mother has been very supportive. I and my sister have been tutoring students at home to support our education. We know that higher education will help us overcome even more challenges.”

Shamsia Iqbal Ali
Intermediate of Commerce at Islamia Girls College Maths enthusiast, Student volunteer, Badminton player

“I come from a large working class family with one bread-winner. I have four other siblings. The choice of education for me and my siblings has involved difficult trade-offs for my family. In addition to my interest in commerce and sports, I have participated in many social-works and literary projects. These have molded me into a committed and ambitious person. They have helped me learn organisational ethics, team-work and networking. I hope to build on this experience in the course of my college education. ”

Sughra Rajab Ali
Pre-Engineering student at Islamia Girls College Public speaker, Footballer, Aspiring pilot

“I am the first and only person in my family to get higher education. Societal pressures and our financial problems have continuously posed a challenge to my aspirations. I am an avid football player. In addition to becoming a great footballer, I also aspire to be a pilot. I will work hard to get there, and this scholarship will help me and my family overcome the challenges.”

Zahra Shah Wali
Intermediate of Computer Science at Islamia Girls College Public speaker, High-achieving student, Aspiring journalist

“I belong to a working class family and I have big dreams. I aspire to be a journalist and work in electronic media. I have participated in many public speaking, science, and general knowledge competitions. I have consistently performed well. This scholarship will help my father support my education. It will help me pursue my goals and fulfill my dream of becoming a journalist.”