There is an age old saying that ‘the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is now’.

Akademos Scholarships is an investment in young people, in their potential and energy, in the hope that in the future not too far, they will become responsible individuals, productive members of the society, and leaders of their communities.

We received an unprecedented 60 applications, with an unprecedented number of brilliant, hard-working, and passionate student applicants. We will make a full announcement in due time, but here are the names of the Akademos Scholars 2015-16:

1- Niamatullah
2- Salima Liaqat Ali
3- Halima Khaliq
4- Aliya Mohd Ibrahim
5- Sidra Rajab Ali
6- Marzia Safdar Ali
7- Aqib Ali
8- Haleema Sharifi
9- Sahar Batool
10- Barkat Ali
11- Rubina Salman Ali
12- Parveen

We wish you energy, determination, and success. Congratulations!