• August 1, 2016

Akademos Scholarship 2016-17 Winners Announced

We thank all Akademos donors, supporters and well-wishers for your on-going support in making it possible for the Akademos Society to provide scholarships to many talented but disadvantaged young students from the community, so that they can get a college education. Application for 2016-2017 were some of the most difficult to assess because of the large pool of very deserving students, but our limited resources to provide them with assistance.

Here is a break-down of the application process for 2016-2017:

We received a total of 103 applications – 58 girls and 45 boys. 20 applications were shortlisted on the basis of merit, socioeconomic circumstances, and previous academic performance. These students were interviewed over Skype for a combined time of more than 8 hours; with invaluable assistance from Muhammad Mehdi of Ummat Educational and Cultural Organization, KB Science College and Ali Akbari.

Following dedicated work from the board members and invaluable support from all of you, we have finally selected the Akademos Scholarship winners for 2016-2017, among them 10 girls and 2 boys. They are:

1- Sajida Batool d/o Muhammd Ibrahim
2- Abdul Hussain s/o Ali Muhammad
3- Wajiha Altaf d/o Altaf Hussain
4- Tayyaba Haider d/o Haider Ali
5- Fouzia d/o Muhammad Rasool
6- Ali Haider s/o Taj Muhammad
7- Lilas d/o Qurban Ali
8- Farida Gull d/o Eid Muhammad
9- Fatima Safdar d/o Ali Safdar Ali
10- Asiya Batool d/o Juma Khan
11- Umul Banin d/o Muhammad Younas
12- Sajida Muhammad Ali d/o Muhammad Ali

We congratulate the winners, and wish them hard work, dedicated pursuit of their career goals, and all the best.
We wish good luck to the applicants who have not been successful in this round.

We thank Akademos supporters, friends, and well wishers for making this possible. We hope you will continue your support in the coming years, and bring your friends and contacts on board to make this even better.

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