• August 1, 2018

Akademos Scholarship 2018-19 Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce Akademos Scholarship recipients for educational year 2018-19. As always, we thank our esteemed partners in Quetta for their invaluable assistance in helping us complete the application, interview and selection processes for Akademos Scholarship 2018-2019. We could not have done it without Muhammad Mehdi of Ummat Educational and Cultural Organization and Ali Akbari of Hazara Town. Thank you.

This year, we received a total of 96 applications. After careful and thorough review by the Akademos board members, we shortlisted and interviewed 24 students, among them 18 girls and 6 boys from both Mariabad and Hazara Town. Akademos board members video-interviewed the selected students for a total of over 15 hours, during which we asked them to answer a range of questions about their academic record, financial and social circumstances, extra-curricular activities, social activities, and their future aspirations. A majority of the students have impressive academic records and yet face substantial socioeconomic hurdles which prevent them from reaching their full academic potential. In finalising our selection, we have given due consideration to both academic record and the compelling circumstances – not just one.

As a small community based student-oriented organization with finite resources, we regret that we can only offer a limited number of scholarships. Among the selected 12 students for Akademos Scholarship 2018-2019 are aspiring engineers, doctors, web designers and social activists, all of whom hail from working class families in both Marriabad and Hazara Town. They are:

1- Farishta – Pre-Engineering student at Government Girls Post Graduate College
2- Farzana – Pre-Medical student at Girls Degree College
3- Fatima Ibrahim – Pre-Medical student at Islamia Girls College
4- Lailoma Ghulam Abbas – Pre-Engineering student at Girls Degree College
5- Liaqat Ali – Pre-Medical student at Tameer-e-Nau College
6- Muqadisa – ICS student at Government Girls Post Graduate College
7- Rahima – Pre-Medical student at Girls Degree College
8- Saima Batool – Pre-Medical student at FG College
9- Sajida Abdul Hussain – Pre-Medical student at Girls Degree College
10 – Samina Shabbir – Pre-Medical student at Hassan Musa College
11- Sana Mehdi – Pre-Engineering student at the Garrison Academy
12- Shukria Rahmatullah – Pre-Medical student at KB Science College

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