• August 8, 2020

Akademos Scholarship 2020-21 Winners Announced

Akademos Society is pleased to announce Akademos Scholarship recipients for educational year 2020-21.

This year, we received a total of 44 applications this year – 5 males and 39 females. The scholars were selected through a rigorous interview and assessment process that gave due consideration to both their academic record and compelling circumstances – not just one.

Among them are aspiring engineers, doctors, pilots, and social activists, all of whom hail from working class families in both Marriabad and Hazara Town, Quetta. They are:

Arifa Qambar Ali – Islamia Girls College
Asifa Ali Jan – Girls Degree College
Fariba Hassan Ali – Islamia Girls College
Fariha Shukrullah – Islamia Girls College
Mohammad Mehdi – Tameer-e-Nau Public College
Najeebullah – ZIST College
Nayab Abdul Rahim – Islamia Girls College
Sara Muhammad Ali – KB Colllege
Shamsia Iqbal Ali – Islamia Girls College
Sughra Rajab Ali – Islamia Girls College
UrooJ Fatima – Islamia Girls College
Zahraa Shahwali – FG College

We thank our supporters and donors, and wish the scholars endurance, hard-work and a bright future ahead.

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