• August 2, 2023

Akademos Scholarship 2023-24 Winners Announced

The application and assessment process for Akademos Scholarships 2023-2024 has now come to a close. We owe a debt of gratitude to our partners in Quetta – Mohammad Mehdi of Ummat and Masooma Kazimi of Champion Academy for their indispensable support throughout this process. We could not do our work without your help.
We received a total of 99 applications this year. A majority of the applicants were girls. The final scholars were selected through 30+ hours of rigorous interviews and assessment with due consideration given to both the academic record and compelling circumstances of the students. We acknowledge that a large number of the applicants face immense challenges in their studies, however, our limited budget and resources prevent us from awarding scholarships to more students.
We thank our supporters and donors for making these scholarships possible. All our projects are donor-funded and rely on generous donors like yourselves.
Among the selected scholars are aspiring engineers, doctors, and lawyers, all of whom hail from working class families in both Marriabad and Hazara Town, Quetta. We wish the scholars endurance, hard-work and a bright future ahead. The 2023-24 Akademos Scholarships have been awarded to the following applicants:
1. Ali Raza Muhammad Ali of KB Science College
2. Asma Batool of Girls Degree College
3. Habibullah Mohammad Asif of KB Science College
4. Haida Batool of Islamia Girls College
5. Mina Abdul Aziz of Islamia Girls College
6. Nida Fatima of Islamia Girls College
7. Noor Ali of Tameer-e-Nau Public College
8. Sadiqa Ibrahim of KB Science College
9. Sajjad Hussain of Tameer-e-Nau Public College
10. Saleem Noor Muhammad of Tameer-e-Nau Public College
11. Shafaq Batoor of Tameer-e-Nau Public College
12. Shakila Amir Mohammad of Tameer-e-Nau Girls College
13. Sumaiya Ibrahim of Islamia Girls College
14. Tahira Arif of Kauthar College for Women
15. Zahra Hassan Ali Yawar of Islamia Girls College
16. Zahra Nadir Ali of KB Science College
17. Zulfiqar Ali Muhammad Amin of Tameer-e-Nau Public College

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