Before you begin
Read the following instructions carefully before starting your application:

Akademos Scholarship provides assistance to the most talented but disadvantaged students to help them reach their full academic potential. The scholarship program includes financial and academic support for the two years of college education, including payment of full tuition fees and a monthly allowance for educational expenditure.

To qualify, you must:

· intend to undertake intermediate education this year (at any college in Quetta);
· be significantly and demonstrably disadvantaged by economic and social circumstances; and
· be committed towards education.

Complete the form in full and answer all questions. You may choose to record a audio or video-clip of your answers to Questions Number 5 and 6 and upload the recordings. You can do it by using your phone's camera or voice recorder or by asking an Akademos affiliate for assistance.

You are required to submit your application no later than 15 July 2022.

For assistance or any queries regarding the form, please contact:


Phone: Hadi Rahim (Hazara Town): +92 321 818 8019 / Mohd Mehdi (Mariabad): +92 321 816 3246

Please turn off private mode or incognito mode on your device when applying, that way your form progress can be saved so you can come back later to finish your application.