Akademos Supplementary Learning Class (ASLC)

Akademos Supplementary Learning Class (ASLC) is a jointly run program by Akademos Society and Resources of Young Afghans. The program provides free access to supplementary learning for disadvantaged children and child labourers who are unable to access educational opportunities. It is a tailored program designed to assist those children who have limited access to formal education.

More than 90 very needy children are currently attending these specially designed classes to improve their literacy, numeracy and social skills. As well as supporting the children, the program provides young and emerging teachers employment opportunities and an avenue to realise their passion. Two of the supplementary learning classes are located in Kabul and one in Bamiyan.


  • Our first ASLC is run by Freshta Ahmadi in Bamiyan. It is a cave-school for about 30 local disadvantaged children.


  • Our second class in Bamiyan was initially run by Hussaindad Asghari, and later by Ruqia Jafari. The class had 16 students in grades 3-6. Ruqia and her family left Bamiyan for Kabul to pursue her educational endeavours in December 2019 and the class has since been closed. We are currently in the process of employing a new teacher to resume the class.


  • Our third class currently operates in the Rahila Library in Kabul, and is led by Zakia Amini and Mehbooba Mohammadi. The class has between 10-15 students who are predominantly from Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul.


  • Our fourth class, opened in January 2020, operates in the Star Educational Society, and is led by Hassan Ahmady. The class has approximately 20 students from Qala-e-Naw neighbourhood of Dashti Barchi, Kabul.