Kids Off The Streets (KOTS)

In 2017, Akademos Society partnered with Resources of Young Afghans (ROYA) to launch our Kids Off The Streets (KOTS) project in Afghanistan. The program provides financial assistance to child labourers, enabling them to access educational opportunities. The financial assistance covers school enrolment fees, monthly school fees and English language and computer training classes.

In our inaugural year, following a vigorous selection process, we selected three scholars in Bamiyan and one in Kabul for whom KOTS replaced the income from their child labour and provide their educational expenses. In 2018, Akademos added four new scholars to KOTS, bringing the total number of scholars to eight.

KOTS beneficiaries include shepherds, a brick-maker, and carpet-weavers from Kabul and Bamiyan, who now attend school and get education.

KOTS beneficiaries:


  1. Sadiq – is from Mulla Ghulam in Bamiyan, is a former brick-maker who now attends primary school.
  2. Syed Abulfazl – is from Foladi, Bamiyan. He is a former shepherd who had to work hard to support his family. He now attends primary school.
  3. Syed Hamidullah – is from Foladi, Bamiyan. He is a former shepherd who had to work hard to support his family. He now attends primary school.
  4. Zainab Hussaini – a former carpet-weaver, a supporter of her family, and a very resilient girl. With a little help from Akademos, she has returned to school and is now pursuing her goals with motivation and inspiration.
  5. Rahmatullah – a former child-laborer, he is now a student at Royesh Private School. Our scholarship provides him with a monthly stipend so he doesn’t have to work in the streets.
  6. Farhad – is in the 1st grade at Royesh Private School. His father is deceased and his mother is a domestic worker.
  7. Samana – a young former carpet-weaver, now attends primary school.
  8. Shaima – a young former carpet-weaver, now attends primary school

Update: In 2023, we have partnered with committed individuals and organisations in Afghanistan who are helping us support an additional 20 students, a majority of them girls. This takes the total number of students supported in Afghanistan to 28. Through KOTS, these students will be able to complete their schooling in one of the remote and impoverished province of Afghanistan. Their names and grades are:

  1. Abbas – Grade 7
  2. Ali  – Grade 9
  3. Elaha – Grade 5
  4. Esmat  – Grade 6
  5. Fawzya  – Grade 5
  6. Fayaz  – Grade 6
  7. Hamid  – Grade 8
  8. Jalil  – Grade 8
  9. Masoma Ghulam Ali  – Grade 7
  10. Masoma Zahir  – Grade 8
  11. Mobaraka  – Grade 5
  12. Najibullah  – Grade 8
  13. Noorya  – Grade 5
  14. Qasim  – Grade 5
  15. Rana  – Grade 4
  16. Rohullah  – Grade 6
  17. Sahar  – Grade 5
  18. Saifullah  – Grade 9
  19. Sakina  – Grade 5
  20. Tahira  – Grade 5


In 2022, Akademos Society extended its KOTS program to Pakistan with four members of a single family becoming first beneficiaries of the program. The four brothers belong to an impoverished family, are severely disadvantaged and were at risk of expulsion from school due to financial constraints . Through KOTS, Akademos will cover their full school fee so that they can continue their education. The names of the students are:

  1. Zulfiqar Ali – student of Grade 10
  2. Ali Raza – student of Grade 8
  3. Hasan Raza – student of Grade 6
  4. Wajid – student of Grade 2