• September 10, 2020

Masooma Moravej, student who braved street harassment awarded Akademos study grant

We are ecstatic to announce Masooma Moravej as our new scholar and recipient of the Akademos Study Grant. She is an inspiring and courageous young student who has braved street harassment and social stigma to run a small business as well as continuing her education. Masooma was in the news headlines in June this year as she raised her voice against the culture of street harassment in Kabul (See: https://kabulnow.af/2020/06/a-young-girl-who-fights-harassment-and-sells-honey/). She runs her own honey-stall on the streets which is in itself nothing short of a feat. Her work supports her family and provides her own living expenses.

She attends Abouraihan Alberoni University in Kabul and aspires to become a civil engineer. Masooma’s scholarship will be covered from contributions by Dr Jen Couch of Australian Catholic University, with support from Ms Shaina Alwani, who will also mentor Masooma for the duration of her degree. We are very grateful for their kind support and generosity. Our friends at Star Educational Society will help Masooma study English language. Our friends at Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization-AHRDO will provide on the ground assistance with management and oversight of the scholarship.

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