Akademos Society’s objective is to advance education for children experiencing poverty and alleviate the social and economic disadvantages faced by the youth in this area. We aim to do this by:

  • providing access to educational and learning opportunities to advance the education of Afghanistan and Pakistan youth experiencing poverty and disadvantage through scholarships and other programs;
  • consulting with educational institutions to provide programs and activities that relieve the effects of poverty and disadvantage experienced by Afghanistan and Pakistan youth;
  • raising funds for disadvantaged Afghanistan and Pakistan youth;
  • providing funds to assist programs that aim at reducing the economic and social deprivation suffered by the disadvantaged youth in Afghanistan and Pakistan;
  • providing funds or grants to, or in aid of, supporting disadvantaged youth in Afghanistan and Pakistan to advance their education;
  • collaborating with institutions to improve educational infrastructure and resources for youth in Afghanistan and Pakistan; and
  • do all other things as are conducive to the attainment of the above purposes.

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