Akademos Society is governed by a board comprising of highly motivated individuals, who are all recent migrants to Australia. We are pursuing higher education goals and careers in our adopted country with a firm resolve to collectively support the community by focusing on improving education outcome for the disadvantaged members of the community.

The board consists of eight volunteer executive directors who work with our partner organisations and individuals to ensure effective operations of the organisation and successful delivery of our programs.

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Arif Hazara
Secretary and Treasurer

Arif is an Accountant and Financial Analyst by profession and holds a Bachelor of Professional Accountancy degree. He is responsible for preparing our financial reports and budgets. Have queries? contact him as he is also the Liaison person.

Hadi Zaher
Executive Director

A blogger by instinct, and a photographer out of boredom, Hadi Zaher holds a Juris Doctor (JD) from Monash University, and is currently working at Playfair. In addition to managing the Akademos Study Grant program, Hadi is our lead Communications Officer.

Shukufa Tahiri
Executive Director

Formerly a policy officer a the NSW Department of Education and Refugee Council of Australia, Shukufa holds a law degree and was named one of the fifteen Australian woman championing human rights by Amnesty International Australia in 2017. At Akademos, Shukufa oversees our fundraising activities and is responsible for engagement with our stakeholders.

Homa Forotan
Executive Director

Dr. Homa Forotan has studied science at the University of Queensland majoring in Biomedical and Neuroscience, followed by a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Griffith University. She is a cardiologist and works at the Royal Melbourne Hospital subspecialising in advanced cardiac imaging. Homa is the program manager of our Kids Off The Streets program.

Haider Changezi
Executive Director

Haider has a postgraduate degree from University of Melbourne, and is currently completing his CPA. At Akademos, Haider shares responsibility for writing content for our publications and provides support for administration and financial matters.

Ghulam Reza
Executive Director

Ghulam is a graduate of Transportation Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore and currently works as traffic engineer with Tafman Solution in Melbourne. At Akademos, Ghulam is the project officer for our Akademos Scholarship program.

Mehdi Rahimi
Executive Director

Mehdi is a graduate of Business Management and Information Technology from Western Sydney University, and currently works as a Business Development Manager with Fujitsu Australia in Sydney. At Akademos, Mehdi is our lead IT officer with additional responsibilities for digital transformation of our operations.

Gulnaz Beg
Executive Director
Gulnaz is a Human Resources Specialist at the Australian graphic design company Canva. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Sydney University, and a Diploma in Human Resources Management from Swinburne University. At Akademos, Gulnaz is responsible for oversight and management of our Akademos Scholarship program in her capacity as the program manager.